May 01, 2019

5 Tips for able to stay active during night shifts

There are many people who have different timing of work. Many people usually have to work at night time. Working all through the night is not an easy task. This can affect the normal functioning of the person. Therefore it is very important for people working at night shifts to take help that will help you function better. 

People who work at odd times of the day are seen to be falling asleep at any time of the day. Such people are also seen to be dozing off while working. Now I understand that we all live a life that is constantly moving and changing. Reaching the goals of our lives is one the mottos of our lives. And all of us constantly working towards reaching just that. However, when working at night shifts the person is not able to maintain the sleep routine. This, therefore, is responsible for causing the irregular pattern of sleep. However, sleeping during office hours is not a solution. So, here are a few tips that are very effective in promoting wakefulness in a person.

Tips to stay active and awake during the night shift

Our body is naturally programmed to stay awake in the day time and sleep during the night time. Therefore when there is a change in this pattern the person is not able to function well. It takes little time for the person to get adjusted to the new sleep cycle. During that phase, the person is seen to be falling asleep at an irregular time. Thus there are a few steps that you can follow that will help you remain awake and alert during the working hour.

Taking a short nap- taking a nap of about thirty minutes before you begin your shift work will help to fight sleepiness at bay. Also taking short naps of about 10 to 12 minutes will help you to stay awake. This short period of rests will help in keeping your energy high.

Keep snacking while working- taking a big and heavy meal right before work can make you feel very sleepy. Therefore in such cases, the best thing to do is keep snacking the entire time. Also eating snacks throughout the night will help you to have high energy all through the night thus helping you to stay awake.

Moving- now if you constantly sit in the same places it definitely will make you feel sleepy. To stay awake in the night time, just don’t sit in one place. Keep taking short breaks and try to walk inside the office for some time. This helps because if you constantly keep moving the blood flow in the body will also improve.

Small conversation- to keep your mind in an alert state and to stay awake the best thing to do is make small conversation with your coworker. Having small talks will prevent you from dozing off.

Caffeine- the use of caffeine is the best way to stay awake. This can be in the form of coffee or tea. This also helps you to stay alert and focused in whatever you do. However, to stay awake it doesn’t mean that you will constantly take caffeine. Do not overdo the intake of caffeinated products such as tea, coffee, and fizzy drinks.

 Therefore following the tips mentioned will definitely help you to stay awake at night time.

Other supplements

Apart from following the tips mentioned above to stay awake the use of supplements such as the smart drugs is also very effective. The use of Nuvigil smart drug is recommended to people who have to work in night shifts. You can take the medicine about half an hour before getting to work. This affects the brain of the person thus helping people to stay awake. 

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