May 13, 2019

Is the use of the smart drug for schizophrenia right?

Mental disorder can be a serious issue in people. People suffering from the mental condition may not be able to function well as the rest of us. This is not just an issue for the people with the disorder but also for the people all around them. Now not mental disorder cannot be made better with medication. However, with the right medicine, the condition can be made better. 

Now one of the mental disorders that can affect the normal functioning of the person is suffering from schizophrenia. Till today not many people are comfortable talking about this condition. However, the chilling fact about this condition is that a lot of people are suffering from the condition. And this mental disorder has the ability to ruin the life of the person by taking away all the memory from the past and present. If you sadly know such a person than I do feel your pain. 

This blog is for all the people who have a loved one fighting this disorder every day. So let us look at ways that will help to make the condition the better help the person get better brain functioning.

Know a little more about the disorder

This is a mental disorder that affects the normal functioning of the brain of the person. it affects the way a person thinks, sees, behaves, etc. one of the most common forms of schizophrenia is paranoid schizophrenia where the person suffering from it lose the touch from reality. Such people begin to see and hear things that really are not happening. They are constantly confused and start to believe that the people around them wish to harm them. This can, therefore, affect the relation of the person with family and friends. This can also affect the normal functioning o the person such as the eating, bathing, etc. thus with time, such people move away from the rest of the world. This is mainly because of the confusion and fear that they have deep inside them. However, with better brain functioning, the condition can be made better.

The use of the smart drug for better brain functioning

Smart drugs are a medication that works on the brain of the person. The section of the brain that the medicine works on is the hypothalamus region. The smart drug that is being recommended to all people with a mental health issue is Artvigil. This medication on reaching the body of the person activates the production of hormones such as the histamine and dopamine that helps to promote wakefulness in a person. 

It also helps the person get better brain functioning. Thus targeting the brain and altering the transmission from the brain the smart drug is able to make the condition of the person a little better. So all people suffering from this mental disorder can feel better and have a better brain functioning by using the Artvigil smart drug.

The after effect of using a smart drug for better brain functioning

It is seen that many patients after a few years of taking Artvigil smart drug to feel better even when they are not taking the medication anymore. After constant use, they no longer have all the symptoms of the disorder. However, they at times may suffer from a little anxiety. However, the overall condition of the person is improved with the use of Artvigil smart drugThus the use of the smart drug helps in getting better brain functioning. 

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